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Roof repairs are something no homeowner wants to have to face, but repairs are inevitable with homeownership. Usually, a shingled roof will last around thirty years, but this depends on the quality of materials, workmanship, and the level of maintenance performed. When roof issues begin to arise, prompt repairs need to be carried out by the professionals.

Roof Damage Can Happen Unexpectedly

Storms can lead to roof damage and the need for immediate repairs. The older the roof, the more vulnerable it becomes to damage caused by high winds, heavy rains, hail, and other weather events.

Homeowners need to check their roofs regularly for any signs of damage. It is especially vital roofs are inspected after significant storms occur. Should a homeowner notice any of the following signs, the professionals should be called right away.

  • Roof leaks are often one of the first signs homeowners notice when there are problems. Once leaks begin occurring inside, this means the deck has been compromised.
  • Shingle damage is also typical when there are roof issues. The shingles will become curled, cracked, or can be missing altogether. The shingles are the frontline of defense against water damage.
  • Dips in the roof can be a dangerous sign. Dips typically begin occurring when the wood decking of a roof has become rotten. Once the damage becomes pronounced, it can lead to a collapse.
  • Higher energy costs can also signal there are roof problems. A roof that is not protective will quickly lead to energy loss.
  • Peeling and blistering exterior paint can also be signs of a damaged roof. If the roof is not protecting the home, the exterior finish will begin to suffer first.

Repairs Should Be Carried Out Quickly

Once the signs of roof damage have been noticed, repairs should be carried out right away. The average lifespan of a shingled roof is around thirty years, but damages can sometimes begin to occur well before then.

Prompt repairs help to extend the life of a shingled roof. If the roof is left in a state of disrepair, it will continue to be damaged over time and could lead to the need for a full roof replacement.

Rely on Professional Roofing Contractors

One of the worst mistakes homeowners can make is attempting a DIY approach to roof repair. It is wise to call in the professionals for a full roof inspection so the level of damage can be determined appropriately.

Professional contractors have been thoroughly trained to repair all types of roof damage. If your roof has been damaged, contact us today to schedule a repair appointment.

Since not all roofing companies are the same, choosing the right professional is essential. We handle all types of roofing contract work, including roof repairs, replacements, and installations.

With professional roofing repair, homeowners can rest assured their roof will be fully protective, ensuring their home does not suffer unnecessary water damage. We promise the experience with us will be a seamless one. Call today for further information.

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