Williamsville Roof Replacement

Having a new roof installed brings solid protection to any home, whether it is new construction or not. The roof of a house is one of its primary shields against water damage. A new roof adds value to a home and protects the owner’s investment. When having a new roof installed, it is wise to rely on the professionals.

Signs a New Roof Is Needed for Replacement

A shingled roof will last around fifteen to thirty years with proper installation and maintenance. The following offers insight into some of the reasons a homeowner may need a new roof installation.

  • The wooden deck under the roof has become damaged, leading to dips and valleys that could cause a collapse.
  • Pronounced shingle damage means the shingles are no longer protecting the roof from water.
  • There is significant water damage occurring inside the home.

Most individuals will face needing to hire a contractor for roof installation at least once in their lifetime. Choosing the right contractor is paramount for ensuring the roof is installed according to exacting specifications.

How to Prepare for a Roof Installation

When it comes time to have a new roof installed, preparation is essential. Taking the following steps will help to ensure the property is prepared for the crew to come in and begin the work.

  • Make sure all outdoor valuables are secured and are moved away from the work zone. Falling debris can cause damage to vehicles and other valuables.
  • It is vital to make sure the walkways and driveways are clear so the crew can come in and bring their equipment, tools, and roofing materials.
  • Cover any plants that cannot be removed so they will not be damaged.
  • Secure any pets and keep them away from the work areas.
  • Do not allow children to play in the yard until the cleanup is complete.

A New Roof Offers Many Benefits

Having a new roof installed offers many benefits for homeowners. Our customers benefit from the following when we install their new roof.

  • A new roof increases the property value of a home. Increased property value is essential even if a homeowner does not plan on selling.
  • New roofs offer reliable protection to prevent water damage from occurring.
  • Having a new roof installed makes a home more energy-efficient, which will save homeowners money on their heating and cooling costs.
  • Homeowners can rest assured their new roof will make their homes safer.
  • A new roof dramatically improves the curb appeal of a home.

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A new roof is a perfect way to protect a home investment. If that old roof is leading to leaks and other problems, it is time for a new installation.

Call today to schedule an appointment to get started. A new roof will bring new life to your home today. We are here to answer any questions about our services.